Hector Guillermo Parra Alvarez


This year I'm doing my own thing with my own product company and a related startup. I'm not doing anything "disruptive" or impressive, but I hope to be profitable very quickly. As a result I've been spending time between Orange County and Las Vegas.

Since I'm doing my own thing I've had the chance to go to some great meetups and conferences, including JS.LA, LA Ruby Conf, and SCaLE 12x. Special thanks to Ron Evans for reminding me how cool doing this stuff is.

Please excuse the website. I'm building the grid system and everything else from scratch.


My name is Hector, and I'm an average programmer. I'm not a rockstar or a ninja, but I was once in a couple of metal bands and I know a little brazilian jiu-jitsu.

My first programming language was JavaScript, back when Netscape Navigator was still a thing. Coincidently it's the language I prefer to use today, both in the browser and on the server. Sometimes I cheat and use CoffeeScript.

In the past I've programmed in Ruby and ActionScript. I've done quite a bit of C++ and Java work. I wish I didn't know CSS as well as I do.

I don't really use Emacs anymore, but I still can't function without its key bindings. I haven't hacked any real LISP, but I really like functional programming.

When I don't have to be in front of a computer I prefer to be getting lost somewhere. I've lived on a few continents but haven't been to Europe yet.

You probably don't want average coders at your startup or big company, so I would think twice about contacting me for that sort of thing. HGPA