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2017 -- Quarter 2

I started my new job at Uber in May. I'm now a backend engineer with the Hourly Rentals team, which supports partners that rent vehicles on an hourly basis to drive for Uber. At least that's what we're doing now -- the future looks very interesting. My focus this quarter is to get situated and become familiar with Uber's vast infrastructure and engineering culture. I also need to acquire expertise in Golang.

As a result of my new job I now live in downtown San Francisco. I haven't lived in a proper city since Quito about five years ago, so this is a big change. Now that I've settled in I'll take advantage of the summer to explore the town and surrounding areas. I definitely need to buy a thicker wetsuit.

Last quarter's health-related OKRs were a bust (no net change), so I'm trying again this quarter, adjusting for recent changes. There is a 24-hour gym where I live and my employer does a good job with food options. There is also much to explore in the city which means lots of walking -- I've been running some too.

This is an exciting quarter to say the least! HGPA

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