google translate for opera

google translate for opera

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Google Traduction traduit un texte sélectionné (5,000 caractères), des mots (avec le Dictionnaire), des expressions, des phrases et des pages . A handy multi-language translator built on top of Google translate. . you need to have a media player plug-in (mp3 supported) installed on your Opera browser. Traduire le texte sélectionné avec Google Translate. Speed Translate. ### Translates texts quickly. This extensions allows you to translate the text selection using Google Translate whenever you . Google Translate for Opera performs quick translation of a selected text, words, phrases and webpages between 104 languages using Google translation . Google Translate v.11.15 for Opera. added the speak option to the dictionary mode for Microsoft and Translator providers. Google Translate extension for OPERA (V.8.20) WHAT'S NEW: * Improved the Pop-up Bubble appearance on some specific type of page templates, such as . Menu for Opera. While you can go to Google and use a translating website, but adding an extension to your browser makes life just so much . Translating operas is a notoriously tricky business – so we wanted to see if a computer could make sense of two . Translator adds the power of Google Translate's automatic translations to your browser! It supports translation of selected text, entered phrase .


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